Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sesame seared ahi tuna

tuna is my favorite fish. i love it when it’s seared like this…warm and crusted on the outside and pink and cool in the center. i also love it in tuna sandwiches, and tuna poached in white wine with anise and tarragon. really tuna is a versatile fish, and this dish shows just how simple it is to prepare.

2 ahi tuna steaks
good sea salt
3 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
olive oil

heat olive oil over very high heat in a non stick pan. salt both sides of the tuna. on a small plate lay out the sesame seeds and press one side of the tuna into them to form a crust. use your fingers to make sure they are adhered to the tuna. repeat with the other tuna steak.

once the pan is very hot, lay the tuna in sesame seed side down, and sear for one minute. flip and sear the second side for 30 seconds. remove from heat immediately and set onto a cool plate.

make a dipping sauce by mixing 3 tablespoons of wheat-free soy sauce, 3 tablespoons of water, and 2 tablespoons of honey in a small bowl. serve with the ginger scented rice and quick picked veggies.


Anonymous said...

How fresh does the Tuna need to be? Do you cut the sides off of your tuna before you cook it? My friend said that there is a risk with bacteria and I was just wondering how you deal with that.


Tucker said...

there are some that suggest searing the edges of the tuna to kill bacteria, but i don't do this. the tuna i buy is very high quality and costs a fortune...and i like it rare, so i wouldn't want to cut any away or sear any more than necessary. i've never had a problem when cooking it this way, but i would suggest getting your fish from a reputable fishmonger.

Courtney said...

Ha! "Tucker" should say "Courtney" :)

Karine said...

This tuna looks delicious! I also love rare tuna. I believe it is way better than fully cooked