Sunday, August 3, 2008

an island of my own

my husband and i have been talking for a while about putting an island into our kitchen. right now we have an old table that is on it's last leg (no pun intended) and 4 mismatched chairs. it's the only part of our house that feels really unfinished.

we took a field trip to IKEA this weekend and have decided on this lovely island to compliment our kitchen cabinets and to provide extra storage and work space.

i'm beside of it in it's natural habitat are forthcoming. :)


Stephanie said...

Oh, that it TOO cool. I always wanted an island. I could get away with one right in the middle but I would really have to sell my hubby on that, and the little guy would no longer be able to run right through (which is probably not a bad idea).

Julie said...

Nice! Looks like it has lots of good storage room.