Sunday, June 8, 2008


you may have noticed some items disappearing from the wish list side bar, and this is because i've been getting them as gifts! (fear not though, i've replaced them with new goodies to long for!)

my friend jen was kind enough to buy me jamie's dinners by jamie oliver for my birthday last week. this book is chock full of wonderful classic recipes that are loved by all. it has everything from tomato soup to roasted shoulder of's wonderful. i'll be making the tomato soup this week, so stay tuned for a review. i always love jamie's recipes though, so i doubt i'll be dissapointed.
also, my lovely friend katie got me the oxo good grips mandoline! i'm so stoked about this new toy, i can't even tell you. i've wanted a mandoline for a very long time, and i'm so excited to user this as soon as possible. it has a ton of settings for juliened veggies, and thin sliced's going to be a lifesaver in the kitchen. the coolest part of this is that she doesn't even read my food blog, but still knew i'd want this...she also baked me focaccia bread, from the artisan breads in five minutes was so good that i've added the book to my wish list.

and, though i bought it for myself, i've also recently added in nirmala's kitchen to my cookbook collection. i'm making three recipes out of this book this week alone, and i can't wait to get started. i'm sure, that like everyone else, i'll love this book.


Jen said...

Lots of cooking prezzies! Did you get any knitting ones, as well?

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday and love the quesadilla recipe. Looks fantastic. It will go good with the Mexican Mojito I plan to post by tomorrow :)