Tuesday, September 25, 2007

menu review: 9.18 to 9.20

pasta carbonara
oh. my. god. i have made this recipe a few times, and it never ceases to amaze me. i usually cut down slightly on the eggs called for because i find it to be a tad runny, but that's the only modification. if you have a recipe for this that is so-so, i can not urge you enough to try giada's, it is so good.


pork cutlets with roasted potatos and asparagus
these pork cutlets were awesome. they had a japanese vibe that was very subtle and they were so lightly breaded that they weren't heavy at all. the roasted potatoes were perfect, my usual recipe, but these just came out amazing and the asparagus is the old stand-by. yummy meal all around.

red pepper and goat cheese pizza
this is an original recipe, and it came out as wonderful as it always does. i failed to take a photo though, so the post on it will have to wait a bit. i make it quite frequently, so the wait won't be long. it's delicious and completely vegetarian. it's healthier than your average pizza because it's topped with tons of veggies and part skim cheese.


Jen Ryan said...

I need to grab a copy of "Everyday Italian." Right after BK died and I was at my mom's every day, I pretty much kept it on the Food Network, then would go home and print out the recipies from her show. SO GOOD.

Courtney said...

Yeah, she is amazing. It is my favorite of all three of her books, as it has most of the classic Italian dishes included in it.