Monday, August 27, 2007

menu review: 8.20 to 8.23

grilled eggplant parmigiano.
this was delicious. my husband and i only had enough to provide for one day because it was so good. i urge you to add layers of spinach or other grilled/roasted veggies to add depth.

asian grilled salmon salad.
this salad is amazing. there are two dressings, one for the greens and one for the salmon - though they intermingle. the lime zest and honey play off of the saltiness of the soy and create a perfectly seasoned dish.

pan seared chicken and roasted butternut squash and green beans in a sherry soy butter.
this was a hit. i ended up fiddling with the recipe (shocker) and replaced the sherry vinegar with actual sherry. i just felt that it needed that kick of alcohol, and i ended up being right. the sweet heady flavor of the drunk butter was just what the beans and butternut needed...we also doused the chicken with the sauce. indulgent? yes. but completely worth it.

garlic hoisin pork lettuce wraps.
these did not turn out well. i had initially planned to use broccoli and pork, but the broccoli went off, so I substituted edamame. they were too dry for this dish and i wasn't pleased with the way they came together with the pork and the peppers. the sauce, though ok, wasn't anything to write home about.

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Jen said...

Darling, I am anxiously awaiting the next menu... WHERE IS IT??